CV Format

CV Formatcv format is the important and very integral part of writing a CV. We must be very careful before compiling and presenting the facts in our cv format. Selection of correct format is also very important. While preparing and applying for the chosen job we must give proper consideration to the particular profession. Our cv format should include all the necessary available details considered for the applied position. Our cv format should be designed in such a way that it draws the attention of targeted recipient and also highlights our skills and achievements before the intended reader of our cv format. For that, our CV should be written using plane and simple fonts and facts presented should be very straight and clear, directly highlighting our skills and experiences if any. We must also take care that the presented facts are relevant to the recipient and necessary for the intended job. Cribbing and irrelevant information presented in the cv format may become the cause of rejection of our candidature.

To avoid this unwarranted situation, we should read through all the requirements mentioned in the job profile, match the requirements with our skills and achievements in a list and than, we should write our CV. Keep highlighting the specific skills and achievements in that CV taking utmost care that nothing leaves out. One ideal way of presenting facts is that we should write our recent skills and experiences in the beginning of our CV and older ones are followed subsequently. This is also the modern approach for preparing cv format.

It means, the most preferred cv format from maximum HR managers are in following order: It should be targeted to the intended employer first, facts presented in reverse order i.e. recent experiences in the beginning and first experience in the last and last but not least, our cv format should be based on our achievements.

If our CV layout is based on above mentioned format, it can easily be called as universal cv which will cater to all the segments of job vacancies. Here are some specific points listed with the help of online cv formats. We can make the alterations according to our career growth and educational achievements.

This cv format should start with proper contact detail which includes full name, address of the applicant, contact number. At the second place comes our career objective that should be based on facts, not on fiction or copied version from any other sample bio-data or resume. This part is very important as many of the candidates write there objective in this column but apply the job which doesn’t match there objective statement. There candidature is rejected only due to this discrepancy. At the third place, we should write skills developed over a time period. Fourth place is reserved for educational achievements; Fifth place is where we should write our professional experiences. Achievements/rewards column comes at sixth place. Seventh column is where we should write our personal interests like hobbies, marital status, date of birth etc. If we prepare our cv format in above mentioned sequence, we will certainly draw the attention of intended employer.

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